Crypto Barbie is a post-ICO growth and development consultant.

Introducing Crypto Barbie

Crypto Barbie and her team will work with post-ICO companies to strategize and execute a plan for a company's over-all success. We will help guide and implement necessary steps to ensure vertical growth and stability in an unstable market.

Barbie and her team's stamp of approval will help secure market acceptance. Our value add is the extensive network of blockchain and branding experts attached to Barbie!

Barbie and her teams integrated and personable approach is what we strive for.

More information and Smart Contract coming soon...

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Nicolette Kahen has earned the named Crypto Barbie in the blockchain space, but don’t let the name deceive you. She travels to crypto conferences and meetups around the world and regularly interacts with the industry’s most influential players. Through this, Kahen has gained a unique perspective that is rarely found today in crypto...

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